An Unquiet Mind

“This work is a personal testimony from Kay Redfield Jamison: the revelation of her struggle with manic depression since adolescence, and how it has shaped her life. The book follows her through college, a love affair, her battle with the illness, bouts of madness, violence and attempted suicide.”
[Amazon UK Synopsis]

Going home this weekend and this is my reading since I’ll be spending about 2 hours each way on the train. I hope this will help me give an insight in to bipolar disorder/manic-depressive illness.

We have to do a ‘literature review’ as part of the compulsory ‘Transfereable Skills’ module. The good thing is that we get to pick our own review title and I have chosen to write about bipolar disorder.

A very general trend that can be seen with people with mental disorders is that they are able to ‘see’ things from a different angle thus producing unique results, this I think is due to them using different neurological pathway, but I might be wrong, I’m not a biologist nor a neurologist! So people in the past and present with mental illness are sometimes classified as geniuses because of their ability to observe and create an unconventional world.

The above I find intriging and hence my choice. I don’t know much about manic-depression yet, however I’m slowly starting to build up knowledge so I can be more specific in my title for the essay.

[song: betraying chino – hole]


~ by Abhinav on October 20, 2006.

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