Finally I’m starting to understand NMR spectroscopy! No surprise really, we’ve been given more types of spectra for one molecule so essentially more sources of information. HSQC and DEPT are really useful. As long as you know the general theory, assigning peaks is really easy! 2-D spectra is also starting to make sense. HMBC is crap when assigning peaks but is fanstastic to just check that everything is in the right place in the end.

The general rule you have to remember is to just look for the coupling and type of spectra (whether the detection is across bonds or across environments). Practice is much better than the theory and also it’s much less boring! There’s a test in 2 weeks time (its open book – they want to test our understanding rather than memory), that’ll will be real judge of my learning.

The post-grads and the professors have done a really good job teaching the stuff. All I wish is that I’ll start understanding Kinetics and Quantum Mechanics pretty soon too!

Also found out that we will be having 16 hours of labs near the end of the term in a week for 2-3 weeks! I just hope the experiments are interesting.

[song: who needs love? – razorlight]


~ by Abhinav on October 23, 2006.

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