Due to the distinct lack of food from my diet I’ve become a little ill. Consequently I was in bed till 3pm when I was supposed to working/reading. Today was the last Tuesday that we got off this term and it has been a complete waste. The taste of paracetamol still remains in my mouth from yesterday, perhaps it wasn’t such a good idea to take them without water. My mind is without thougts, my body drifts without purpose.
I look to the left and there’s a bookshelf full of books which still haven’t been read, I look to the right and my room is a complete mess – perpetual chaos!
Went to Waterstones to get the workbook for Spanish which I need for Thursday but they’re apparently on order from Spain and won’t arrive till mid-November. Amazon looks to be the next stop.


Here are photos of a crystal diffracting light, I think it looks really cool. It’s so much fun to play with light – I suppose that’s what photography is. The crystal came from this metal figurine (Myth and Magic type stuff) of a wizard. He was holding the crystal chain in his hands while stading in front of a treasure chest.

1/170 sec
ISO 64
6.3 mm
1/240 sec
ISO 100
6.3 mm
1/400 sec
ISO 100
6.3 mm
1/70 sec
ISO 64
6.3 mm


[loser – three doors down]


~ by Abhinav on October 24, 2006.

One Response to “Diffraction”

  1. Hey, Abhinav! Great new site! This crystal looks similar to my favorite necklace: http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/7709/1809/1600/P0021385S.jpg

    Love the colors and upcloseness of these pictures of it-well captured!

    Why are you eating less? I tend to eat less because I completely forget a lot of the time. I’ll heat something in the microwave and forget about it for hours. Hope you are better!

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