The Plan

Ok so my bonsai tree is looking in really bad shape. It’s leaves are withering because I tried to kill the fungus that spreading by dehydration (I didn’t water the tree for 2 weeks). When I thought the fungus was finally gone I dipped the tree in water for about 5 mins and took it out, it was fine for a day or so and the leaves started to uncurl a little. However today I just noticed that the fungus is back! It was probably quite deep rooted. I’m a little worried about to roots – they might have already rotten, no way of knowing.

So to try and get it back to a healthy status I’m gonna:

  • spray it with diluted commercial fungicide (rather than a specialized bonsai ones, if they exist)
  • spray the roots with water away from the soil
  • hang the tree out of my window rather than keep it indoors

The last point came about from a conversation with a friend and consequently finding an article on the same subject: this friend of mine had a mini-bonsai, as per instructions she kept the tree indoors but it never really flourished and always was a little dim. This was the case for a while then she decided to just place it outside. In only a few weeks the tree had new growth and was looking as healthy than it ever had – and this was in the winter!

The article that related to this was on a bonsai blog (bonsaiTALK) and it mentioned that although they’re called ‘indoor bonsai’ it is hardly ever the best conditions for them. This is because they’re full sized equivalents are used to sun, wind and all the other forces of nature.

So that’s the plan, should be able to get the stuff in a few days and we’ll see what happens. The worst that can happen is that the bonsai might die. That’s a risk I’m willing to take since it’s not looking that great at the moment!


~ by Abhinav on November 5, 2006.

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