1/50 sec
ISO 200
13.3 mm

1/115 sec
ISO 200
18.9 mm

This has been a most unusal winter: the cactus is flowering, the cold is just starting to kick in and there are camels around!

I did not believe my friend when he told me that there were camels at the Guild, as it turns out they he was right and they were real camels, 3 of them in fact! You can get your photo taken with them and even get to ride if you’re lucky. It was a little something that was organised by the Jewish Society to raise money for the Bedouin children. They also had free food (falafel) and a poster sale (although I’m not sure if that was in association with the charity). I think their aim was £1000 and they were there all week (with the camels). That was on Monday, now it’s the end of the week and I hope they reached their target 🙂

The camels, they feel like sheep!


~ by Abhinav on November 19, 2006.

One Response to “Camels!”

  1. haha. The camels are cute, and I sure do love falafel.

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