End Of The Ride

2.8 sec
ISO 64
6.3 mm

I think this is the last photo for a while in the series of photos of amusement park rides.

On that note let me just give some advice on the matter photographing rides: essentially use the same techniques as general night photography:

  • long exposures: if you can’t go more than maybe 2 seconds because of the camera then set the ISO as low as possible. Of course if you have shutter priority then use that, you might need to try a few shots to get it right.
  • get some stability: use a tripod but incase you can be bothered to carry one around use railings, walls even the top of friends’ head.
  • experiment: show contrast between darkness and light; follow trails of light; make trails of light but swinging your camera around – do what ever you want, go crazy!

For better/more detailed techniques and ideas just type ‘night photography’ or something like that in Google. Buying photography magazines this time of year might help too but to be honest they print just about the same stuff they did the year before so if you have an old issue then read that.

[sickman – alice in chains]


~ by Abhinav on December 4, 2006.

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