Brownian Motion

1/320 sec
ISO 64
38.6 mm

Ahhh, Brownian motion, does this concept not bring memories of childhood? I think this is the one of the first concepts I was taught in science. This image reminded me drawing little dots randomly in a box. The image is of out-of-focus raindrops reflecting sunlight. I’m not sure why they look like hexagons, maybe because of Fujifilm’s Super CCD?

[knockin’ on heaven’s door – guns n’ roses]


~ by Abhinav on December 12, 2006.

2 Responses to “Brownian Motion”

  1. The drops look like hexagons because of the shape of the stopped down aperture blades. Go here and scroll down to “Diaphragm Blades” to learn more:

  2. thank you.

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