Shadows On The Wall

1.6 sec
ISO 400
10.8 mm

The photo is of a shadow of my bonsai tree. The shadow was cast on my wardrobe which is next to my table. The source of light was my desk-lamp, the focus/intensity and size of the shadow can be controlled by moving the lamp/tree (much like an OHP).

The circular object suspended from the branch in the right-corner of the photo is a stack of pennies, this is make the tree take up a shape I want. Any other straight lines you see are bits of strings attached to various parts to help guide the tree to a desired shape (usually copper wire is used but I didn’t have any and string was the next best thing).

I’ve converted it into black & white, played around with the contrast and added film grain for effect. The title of the post comes from perhaps the most popular/famous ‘bit’ of Plato’s Republic: the cave or Plato’s Cave.

If you’re interested in reading Republic then I recommend Oxford World’s Classics version, translated by Robin Waterfield (ISBN: 0192833707). I don’t know Ancient Greek so I can’t comment on the accuracy of the translation, but the book is very readable indeed. There is a summary before each dialogue/discussion plus notes explaining references used which helps a great deal in understanding the text.

[watching the wheels – john lennon]


~ by Abhinav on December 14, 2006.

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