1/400 sec
ISO 200
6.3 mm

Experimented with dodging/burning and colour. Background is white because of strong natural light.

It was almost going to be a perfect week (i.e. a post a day), but yesterday was the last day of term. After finally finishing labs in the evening celebrations were to inevitably follow. This combined with my tiredness and hunger led to a lack of post. Oh well, nevermid…

The mini rose bush isn’t doing too well unfortunately. I took it in from out because the pot was constantly getting knocked over by the ~ 30 km/m winds, I absentmindedly put it on my window sill taking no account of the fact that there a radiator next to it! consequently the whole bush dried up in 2 days. The photo is of one of the wilted roses. I’ve now moved outside in the vague hope of revival.

[torn – creed]


~ by Abhinav on December 16, 2006.

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