1/50 sec
ISO 400
6.3 mm

Yesterday it was Brain, now its Pinky turn for the lime light. Here he is in his bedding than they both chewed up together about to go to sleep. I have found that they get used to having a camera in their face (so to speak) after a a few close up shots and because of their curious nature (Pinky especially) actually tries to climb on to the lens.

Pinky is quite curious, sociable and friendly (like every other gerbil) but Brain seems to take more of an anti-social approach to life (or maybe just to humans?). In my experience, which isn’t very much because I’ve only handled four gerbils in my lifetime (3 of which were/are the sandy coloured ones), the sandy coloured gerbils seem to be more sociable than the grey ones.

[this river is wild – the killers]


~ by Abhinav on January 15, 2007.

2 Responses to “Pinky”

  1. Shouldn’t brain be called “The Brain”

    Then you can say “Oh, got to go and see if Pinky and The Brain are alright”

    Ah well

  2. Oh and your website link on facebook is old. May want to update it.

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