Point Of View

1/55 sec
ISO 200
6.3 mm

This is one of the few times my gerbils didn’t climb on top of the camera! The sandy one in the background is called Pinky and The Brain is in the foreground. Both taken with a fish-eye lens attachment.

1/18 sec
ISO 200
6.3 mm

They’re named after Pinky and The Brain from the cartoon of the same name (just in case you didn’t know!). I think is one of the best cartoon series ever, clever and well animated. If you haven’t seen it then I highly recommend it and if you have then go watch it again! I found some quotes off it (from Wikiquote):

Pinky: Hmmm… let me think…
Brain: Don’t hurt yourself, Pinky

Brain: There’s only one ride that interests me – the incredible thrill ride of taking over the world!
Pinky: Mmm, I think there’s a height requirement for that ride.

Pinky: Egad, Brain. We’ll get there before you can say “Poit”.
The Brain: We’ll reach Mars before I say “Poit”.

[into the white – the pixies]


~ by Abhinav on January 24, 2007.

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