1/350 sec
ISO 1600
6.3 mm

Some guys having a nice game of cards. Taken in a random park in Budapest with permission. Original was in colour, converted to B&W.

I took this with a Finepix S5600 (normal digital) which has ISO speeds from 64 to 1600. This was taken at ISO 1600 as you can see which was completely necessary because it was clear, bright and sunny day. As a result the quality of the image is really bad, although it might not so evident here because it has been reduced to 15% it’s original size.

So a general tip: if you use custom ISO speeds (instead of the ‘auto’ setting) then make sure you check it when moving into a different light setting/before you start shooting. This is of course more evident in low light with a low ISO because the shutter speed will be relatively long (and you’ll have blurred images). Therefore, pay more attention to it when in bright light because high ISO’s will result in fast shutter speeds which may seem normal.

[fall – the editors]


~ by Abhinav on February 7, 2007.

2 Responses to “Cards”

  1. i like this!! i think i can hear the story the pic tells!! great, great in b&w!!

  2. thank you, much appreciated šŸ™‚

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