Foot Prints

1/75 sec
ISO 100
11.9 mm

ISO 100
13.3 mm

Whoo, it snowed today! Proper snow! The kinda snow lectures get cancelled for (all 8 hours!), the kind you can have snowball fights with and  build snow monuments! The photos are of my foot prints in the snow in garden.

It’s so much fun taking photos of the snow! I shall be publishing more snowy photos for the next few days. When taking photos make sure check focus/sharpness and select the right white balance setting (the auto WB can sometimes be a little off). Also look for strong contrast, snow makes for good easy B&W photos. But at the same time don’t forget colour (e.g. bright colours like red/green/yellow stand out and attract attention to the photo).

[notorius – duran duran]


~ by Abhinav on February 8, 2007.

2 Responses to “Foot Prints”

  1. […] Sorry don’t know the the name of these flowers. This photo illustrates what I said yesterday (Foot Prints) about colour and contrast in the […]

  2. I like this – especially the first photo. Snow macros pose a challenge, but you’ve found a way to make it work – nice idea!

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