Grass And Snow

1/80 sec
ISO 100
6.3 mm

This is going to be one of the last of snowy photos (unless of course it snows again soon!). It was one of the first photos I took in the snow, originally taken in colour because I wanted to capture the contrast between the fairly green grass and the snow. Looking at the snow covered ground there were only a few bits of grass sticking out, the rest had gotten buried in the snow, so in a way it was, in a way, commemorating their valour which of course sounds a little odd/silly when talking about grass but there you are… anyway! the colour of the grass came out rather dull. Even after trying a few adjustments I could not bring out the vibrancy. So instead this black and white version came about, with strong contrast and all. Now knowing that the grass is supposed to be green and the snow white I hope you can imagine the sight I saw and appreciate the photo more…

[make yourself – incubus]


~ by Abhinav on February 11, 2007.

One Response to “Grass And Snow”

  1. I really love the photo.
    The focus is great! Just wondering, what do you shoot with?

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