Shady Bard

1/15 sec
ISO 1600
6.3 mm

Last weekend I was in London to see Shady Bard, a band from Birmingham who were headlining at The Spitz (a nice bistro/music place). It was their debut album release thingy and there were 2 other bands playing, the first we missed completely and the other (can’t remember their names but I think it had the word ‘monkey’ in it…) didn’t really sound appealing to me. Anyway Shady Bard were pretty good and I’ve started to quite enjoy their music. As I say they’ve got an album out (From The Ground Up) and in the past have released various EPs. I really do recommend you listen to their music (Penguins and Bobby are my favs off the album :D), I think you can get the album from HMV/Amazon/iTunes. I’m in the process of getting one myself (as soon as I get some money!).
Ok so about the photo: first just messing around with the brightness/contrast to give it kind of a negative effect (I think I also converted it B&W first), then used the ‘history brush’ to get the colour. Lawrence, the bleached guy on vocals and acoustic guitar, in this photo reminds me of Spike out of Cowboy Bebop and Gene Starwind out of Outlaw Star but thats probably because I’ve been watch those a fair bit recently!

[cosmik debris – frank zappa]


~ by Abhinav on June 15, 2007.

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