Spiderman 3 – utter trollocks!

•May 6, 2007 • Leave a Comment

The film had potential to be good, really, really good. Was it? No.

Having just watched the film a few hours I have to say I was rather disappointed. The trailer (see below) looked so good but its another one of those instances where you should just stop at the trailer and not bother with the whole film because they’ve already shown you the best bits.

The film itself was really long and generally I don’t that but this was just a waste of time, they took on too much at the same time and couldn’t pull it off. They should have made two films out of this instead. Then there were the cheesy bits, some of them, to be fair were quite funny with Spidey trying to look cool and getting all the girls. However others were completely over the top with him swinging in front of the American flag and everyone crying in the end.

Anyway, suffice to say Spiderman doesn’t die in the end and Spiderman 4 has already been confirmed so well it looks like there’s plenty more where this came from! I’d advice you not to see the film, especially if you’re paying full price – student prices (£3.50 @ AMC) aren’t too bad even if you end up not liking it. I give it 3/5 (and thats me being generous) and I can honestly say that the best thing about the trip to cinema was the Subway sandwich I had before the film!


Diffused Tree

•May 5, 2007 • 1 Comment

1/320 sec
ISO 64
7.5 m

Just playing around with the colour and diffused light effects, nothing special.

[the last laugh of the laughter – travis]


On The Edge

•May 1, 2007 • 2 Comments

ISO 100
9.8 mm

On top(ish) of Cheddar Gorge, in the background is the town of Cheddar. The rocks are all actually made out of cheese, the contortions and edges are due to people taking bites out of the rocks (even though it’s strictly prohibited by the National Trust).

I wanted to give a sense of depth not of only to the foreground but also to the background, the edge of the gorge does that well. Taking a photo of just the town wouldn’t look interesting (in fact it doesn’t look too good especially because it was kinda hazy). Burned the edg of the rock to increase contrast between the grayishness of the town and sharpened the grass to give it more definition.

Overall I quite like the shot 🙂

p.s. thanks for comments on the previous post, much appreciated!

Hmm… name?

•April 30, 2007 • 4 Comments

1/160 sec
ISO 64
6.2 mm

 I’ve completely forgotten what the name of this flower is! I thought the colours looked really good so decided to go for quite a cliché shot. I think its a little bit out of focus or just a bit over exposed (center of the photo) but its hard to tell.

[hold on – jet]


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1/480 sec
ISO 100
11.9 mm


Taken from the car; we were going quite fast (>85 mph) which resulted in the slight blur of the building (I think its a factory of some sort). I quite like the blur, the soft edges merge well with the background and the dark colour makes it stand out from it.

Homesick Alien

•April 14, 2007 • 1 Comment

1/9 sec
ISO 64
6.3 mm


•April 10, 2007 • 2 Comments

1/25 sec
ISO 64
6.3 mm

Photo of a (slightly worn out) plastic pig called Porky, it’s about as big as my palm.

[any other world – mika]