Diwali [#1]

This Saturday was Diwali for which I had gone home, and as tradition goes there were fireworks on the day. I took quite a few photos of fireworks – quite a few of them were just badly timed where as others were just crap. I’ll won’t be publishing all the chosen ones at once, instead I’ll spread them out over the week. Here a few that I did like:


1/4 sec
ISO 100
6.3 mm


2.3 sec
ISO 100
6.3 mm


2.8 sec
ISO 100
24.8 mm


1/4 sec
ISO 100
21.6 mm

I use a Fuji Finepix S5600 which has a really good ISO rating (64 min, 1600 max), although I used a relatively slow shutter speed to get the light trails. There was also camera shake, at times this was this was intended where as in other shots it wasn’t (bottom left).

There can be lots of cool things done with long exposures and fireworks, I’ll demonstrate this in a later post.

Oh and happy belated Diwali to everyone! And also happy Eid!

[song: wooden jesus – temple of the dog]


~ by Abhinav on October 23, 2006.

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