Making A Meal Out Of It

For one reason for another people are turning towards healthy foods, as a result lots of salads and such are eaten. Traditionally salads are served as a side dish although dishes like Warm Chicken Salad etc are turning into a main course dish. So following that line of thought I give you this recipe to turn a salad into a main meal. It’s essentially improvising on a Greek Salad (or Country Salad if you’re in Greece), it’s not very creative but it’s is remarkably easy to make. Here’s what you need:

Some pasta. Doesn’t matter what shape/type it is just as long as it’s not spaghetti etc. Use about half the serving you would normally use if making a pasta-only dish. Leave to boil (check pack for how long) while you make the salad. Once that’s done add pesto according to taste – quantity and flavour (I go for the green one which is basil I think).
Typical indridients for a Greek Salad:

  • feta cheese (you can have low fat/light version if you want)
  • different coloured peppers (the colours are just for fun really)
  • red onion (you can use normal ones but try and get the red ones)
  • cucumber
  • cherry tomatoes (if watching the cost then use normal ones)
  • black olives (I’m not a big fan of olives so don’t generally tend to use them!

Don’t add lettuce! Lot’s of people add lettuce (even though it’s not a traditional ingredient), it doesn’t go too well with this particular version.

Chop everything into small chunks and season with a drizzle of olive oil. You can add a sprinkle of dried mixed herbs if you want. Mix.
To serve: either pasta on bottom topped with salad or salad and pasta mixed together (I prefer the latter).

It took me about 10 mins to make (I made it for my dinner this evening) including for the pasta. So there you are: healthy, quick, tasty, versatile and suitable for vegetarians!

[song: for all the cows – foo fighters]


~ by Abhinav on October 25, 2006.

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